Waste Water Treatment Systems
" The Name That's Defined The Industry"
There are a number of different options available for irrigation. All of these options vary by way
of Investment level, ease of installation and the manner in which they distribute the treated
effluent. Which of these is suitable for your application will be determined either by the local
council or by a geotechnical report that is required by council in certain areas when submitting
an application.

Predominantly there are 4 different types of irrigation. Surface which is moveable, Fixed or
Semi fixed and Sub-surface which is permanently installed beneath the soil surface or beneath
a layer of mulch within a garden.


Which is simply a length of irrigation line with a set amount of Sprinklers attached and can be
moved when necessary.

2. Fixed:

Which comprises a network of underground low pressure poly pipe with a required amount of
pop up sprinklers emitting the treated effluent at the predetermined flow rate

3. Semi Fixed:

Which comprises a network of underground pressure poly pipe with outlets that allow a
predetermined length of hose to be attached and moved when necessary.

4. Sub-Surface:

Which comprises a network of underground pressure poly pipe equipped with emitters at
designated intervals allowing water to escape at a predetermined flow rate.

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