Waste Water Treatment Systems
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Commercial Systems

The first stage of treatment is to separate the solids from the liquids. Solids remain in this first chamber where
an anaerobic digestion process takes place. The digestion is accelerated by the presence of anaerobic
micro-organisms which multiply rapidly under ideal conditions, and ensure that the offensive faecal solids are
turned into an inert waste.

The System can be designed to regulate the flow of wastewater influent for consistent treatment. Eliminating
surge flows reduces the cost and size of the biological treatment process. Flow balancing is achieved by
means of exact inlet and outlet flow hole heights, controlling the entire surface area of tanks. Discharge
pumps disperse the treatment waste at the final stage at a constant flow rate.

Treated liquids flow into the aeration chambers where the liquid is aerated by means of a submerged diffused
system, with either one or two blowers having the appropriate capacity to generate air at the desired litres per
minute rate. The water is circulated periodically through, and over contact media that has a large surface area
to volume ratio. The media sustains the growth of an attached bio-mass that remains stationary encouraging
either slow growing of slow multiplying nitrifying bacteria to develop.

Following aeration, the effluent is allowed to settle under quiescent conditions in the clarification chamber.
Settled solids are periodically pumped back to the first chamber via a venturi system activated by the litres
per minute blowers.

Supernatant effluent from the sedimentation contains Coliform and other noxious bacteria including some
viruses. Ultra-violet light is used in the disinfection process. Two pumps will be installed, one acting as an
emergency backup with separate alarms. The disinfected water will be pumped through an underground main
irrigation line to an irrigation network or storage facility.

Flow Regulation
Aeration/Contact Filtration
U.V. Disinfection/Pump Chamber
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