Waste Water Treatment Systems
" The Name That's Defined The Industry"

The Envirocycle Model 10NR is one of the most advanced Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS) in
the world. The quality of the effluent is so good it will assist in reducing the size of costly irrigation areas in
most regions of Australia due to its ability to remove a high proportion of Nitrogen from the treated effluent .
Envirocycle is Australia’s original wastewater treatment system, which pioneered the concept and gained the
first approval to sell and install this type of treatment process(1982).

Envirocycle is Australia’s first with new technology and accreditation with issue and certificate # C of A, AWTS
001 issued 29 October 1999.The Envirocycle Model 10NR has revolutionised the AWTS Industry by introducing
a U.V Disinfection Process to reduce the bacteria levels to a point where the wastewater might one day be
reused for toilet flushing within the household.

EnviroCycle Model 10NR

(Anaerobic digestion) Digestion of solids by Anaerobic Digestion.

(Anaerobic filtration) Further digestion of solids passing through our
unique primary filter media before flowing to Aeration chamber.

Filtered effluent from the primary chamber flow into the Aeration
chamber where the liquid is aerated by a submerged diffuser system,
connected to a blower with a specific litres of air per minute. The water
is circulated around and through the contact media having a large
surface area to volume ratio. The media sustains the growth of an
attached biomass, remaining stationary, encouraging either slow
growing or slow multiplying nitrifying bacteria to develop.

Following aeration, the effluent is allowed to settle under quiescent conditions in the clarification chamber. Settled
solids are periodically pumped back to the primary chamber via a venturi system.

Effluent from the sedimentation contains Coliform and other noxious bacteria with the possibility of viruses. Our
advanced Technology of implementing an “ULTRA VIOLET DISINFECTION PROCESS”, ensures complete
disinfection and minimizes costly maintenance problems associated with all chlorinated systems where the
oxidation effects from the chlorine cause costly repairs to structural and mechanical parts of the system.

The disinfected water will then be irrigated to a non-recreational irrigation area. A suitable area for irrigation should
be allowed for and is dependent on the size of dwelling and number of bedrooms. A geo-technical report can also
assist in assessing the size of the irrigation / disposal area.

Primary 1
Primary 2
Aeration / Contact Filtration
Sedimentation Clarifier
Disinfection / Holding Chamber
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